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We've been to Flaming Wings, a secluded little place somewhere in White Plains only once around a year ago. While the restaurant is a bit small, space was not an issue because there were not too many diners when we ate here. The place was cozy and clean; it was perfect for Friday evenings when you just want to chat with your friends over a good dinner -- no loud music or no noisy crowd.

We ordered their Buffalo Wings, Carbonara, Super Stuffed Pork Chop and Chicken Piccata. For dessert, it was Wicked Oreos.

Their Buffalo Wings was an innovation; it was actually my first time to be given a choice of dips for buffalo wings. I'm not really a fan of buffalo wings but I will always try some if it were spicy and if there was cold beer. Flaming Wings' choices of dips are blue cheese, ranch, aioli, wasabi mayo, balsamic mayo and honey mustard. We got blue cheese and honey mustard. Both were superb and complemented the flavor of the buffalo wings.

The Super Stuffed Pork Chop, meanwhile, is two thick pork chops superbly stuffed with ham, cheese and veggies. It was really flavorful but the meat was begging for a bit more tenderness.

I'm not also a carbonara-lover but I took a forkful, nonetheless. It was good, not heavy with cream and just slightly salty and smoky with the bits of flavorful bacon in it.

The chicken piccatta, meanwhile, was just okay. There was really nothing extraordinary about it.

Capping our meal was Wicked Oreos. It was; well, wickedly good. It had the right level of sweetness that would make you get spoonful after spoonful. Flaming Wings is also on the more affordable side; great for a Friday night out or date without breaking one's budget.

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*Image of menu taken from Zomato

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