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Deliciously Satisfying breakfast at IHOP

My wife and I are such huge fans of breakfast food. We love corned beef, bacon, meat loaf, eggs, and a host of other morning meal goodies. We would also look forward to buffet breakfasts whenever we stay in hotels.

So when I heard about IHOP, I made a mental note that we should go there one of these days. Luckily, we've had the chance to try this restaurant soon after that. We were meeting two of my wife's best buddies at MOA; so we quickly decided to meet them IHOP.

Up until that time, I did not know that IHOP stood for International House of Pancakes. When the personnel handed us the menu, I excitedly leafed through the pages. First thing I noticed was that there was limited selection of rice meals although there were classic Filipino favorites such as tapsilog and chicken sausage silog. IHOP also offers dinner classic favorites. 

Already famished, we ordered steak quesadillas, smokehouse combo, breakfast sampler, pasta, splash berry and tropical island. Both drinks were unlimited. We upgraded the pancake of the breakfast sampler to New York cheesecake. Unfortunately, we were informed that sausage was not available so we opted for bacon as replacement.

The quesadillas were really good; cheesy and meaty. The breakfast sampler, meanwhile, tasted ordinary although the hash browns were notably good -- well-seasoned and cooked thoroughly. The bacon, while smoky, crispy, and flavorful, was 80% fat. There was little meat in it so we hope that IHOP can use bacon that is more meaty. The ham, on the other hand, was tasty and flavorful.

 Breakfast Sampler

New York cheesecake pancake was crumbled cheesecake that was made into pancake. It was cheesy and delicious. It was also good that customers can choose from three syrup flavors - strawberry, blueberry, and butter pecan. I really liked the butter pecan syrup so i used this liberally on my pancakes.

 New York Cheesecake Pancake

Mashed Potato

 Regular Buttermilk Pancake

We ordered pasta but I couldn't recall what it was called because it did not taste good. It was penne pasta with beef and mushroom and had brown sauce. It tasted "confused" -- a bit sweet, sour and a little spoiled.

As for the drinks, I liked the tropical island cooler. It was like sprite, lemony and a slightly sweet. I actually had three refills. I tasted my wife's splashberry which was reminiscent of four seasons juice; not really my most preferred drink.

 Tropical Island Cooler


When the bill came, we were a bit surprised because we were not expecting it to be that high. Well, food in IHOP is a bit pricey but it was okay because we enjoyed our meal here; it was deliciously satisfying. Plus, I was able to satisfy my curiosity as to what IHOP offers.

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