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Delicious Italian-American Food at Burgoo

To be very honest, I have always been intimated by Burgoo because it gave me the impression that it was too high-end. That image was completely replaced by a happy dining experience with my wife and friends.

We went to their outlet at Ayala Fairview Terraces for lunch two weekends ago. The place was a bit small. We had to wait for a short while because there were many diners that time. The interior, though not spacious, was comfortable. There were adequate spaces between tables so you customers don't bump each other. The lights are warm and the walls are adorned by framed signages and photos. The tables are also laden with wide white papers, the type used for presentations, and crayons. When taking orders, the waiters would write their names and the customer's on the paper using crayons.

The menu was standard for any Italian-American restaurants. We couldn't decide on which starter to get so we ordered the Supreme Sampler -- a plethora of Buffalo Wings, huge Onion Rings, Cheddar Cheese fries, Mozzarella sticks and celery. It came with salsa, blue cheese and sour cream dips. This is must-order because each variety had generous servings.

For salad, we got our favorite Manhattan's Best salad. It didn't disappoint. The ingredients were fresh, crisp and had large amounts.

We went all-seafood for our pastas. The Shrimp Arrabiatta, in its simplicity, was fine-tasting. The pasta was cooked just right and the shrimps were fresh. We also got Linguini with Clams, another tasty dish. The taste of seafood was very evident in the olive oil.

There were six of us that time but we were all very full and satisfied. Our bill was around P2,000. Not bad at all. Burgoo is definitely worth returning to.

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Image take from Burgoo's website.

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