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Head out to World Chicken if you want to satisfy your cravings for exceptionally good flame-grilled chicken at a reasonable price. In any location, World Chicken's outlets are consistently small but definitely comfortable.

World Chicken offers diners the enjoyable experience of assembling their own grilled chicken meals, based on the specific taste they crave for. When eating here, expect for your patience to be tested throughout the three-part journey of ordering your meal.

The first part, of course, is specifying whether you would go for two sidings or single siding. For a small price difference, I would suggest getting two sidings.

Now comes the hard part. From the plethora of sauces, you have to choose one. Flavors that are available are Farm Fresh Mushroom, Brown Gravy, Mornay Cheese, Ranch BBQ, Sweet Chili Sauce, Corn and Mushroom, Teriyaki and Tarragon. I have tried all of these; each one goes well with the smoky chicken. My favorites though would be Ranch BBQ, Brown Gravy and Mornay Cheese, in that order. I also like that the chicken is pound flat so that it is cooked evenly throughout. I also love the crunchy, slightly burnt edges of the chicken.

Next comes the harder part of choosing two sidings from a host of pastas, flavored rice and mashed potato. One would really have a hard time deciding which ones to get from among these: Spaghetti Pomodoro, Fettucine Al Tono, Pesto Cream, Asian Noodle, Mashed Potato, Bacon Rice, Japanese Rice, Plain Rice, Espanol Rice, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cheese Muffin and Fried Banana. My all-time favorites are Bacon Rice and Cheese Muffin. The Bacon Rice tastes outstanding; the flavors of the bacon bits and oil very distinct in every mouthful of this siding. Serving is also big, about more than a cupful. Meanwhile, the sweet and slightly salty taste of the Cheese Muffin is a welcome change from the rich taste of the saucy chicken and bacon rice. The Cheese Muffin is big, about half the size of a closed fist.

It's always a great experience eating at World Chicken. A full meal with iced tea or lemonade would cost one around P220. Not bad for an extremely satisfying meal.

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