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Lovely Ice Cream at Baskin' Robbins

 My cup of Baskin' Robbins ice cream

I had the opportunity to try Baskin Robbins one weekend and immediately feel in love with it. Never did I realize that this is already a classic, one of America's most loved ice cream brands, after doing a little research about it.

We ordered Jamoca and Caramel Turtle Truffle with peanut butter sauce and almond sprinkles. The medium-sized cup was indeed price at more than P250 but after a few delicious spoonfuls, you would realize that it is well worth the prize. The ice cream was really smooth and creamy, the flavors of mild coffee and caramel truffle intermingling to create a unique taste. The peanut butter sauce provided the zing while the crunchy almond flakes provided texture.

It was heaven in a cup, perfect for perking up your mood if you feel a little bit low or sluggish.

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