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After one long and stressful week, my friends and I decided to hang out at SM Aura for a welcome breather.

While we were waiting for my wife Khris to arrive, we decided to have dinner already. One of our friends suggested Greeka Kouzina, a restaurant that I have heard of for the first time. As the name itself implies, the restaurant offers Greek dishes. It was my first time to eat in a Greek restaurant so I was excited to see the menu and, of course, taste the food.

We ordered Hummus, Greek Ceasar Salad with fried kalamari, Arni Keftedes Pasta and roast lamb shoulder.

The Hummus is a good appetizer, the dip is rich and garlicky. This was addicting to munch on. The Greek Ceasar Salad is good but tastes just like regular Ceasar salad. However, the fried kalamari on top of the salad provided a little twist to it. 

Meanwhile, the Arni Keftedes Pasta is overflowing with a rich creamy flavor that bursts in your mouth. Just a tip, mash the lamb meatballs to offset the richness of the sauce and balance the taste. The lamb meatballs are also flavorful and, surprisingly, had a subtle taste.

Obviously, I am saving the best for last. The lamb shoulder is a slab of heaven! The taste is milder as compared to beef but it was really rich, flavorful and extra juicy. The meat came swimming in its own juice, which I used as a dip for the slices of lamb. The lamb was cooked just right -- the outside had a brown (almost charred) crust that is a little salty. Slice the tender meat and your mouth will just water at the sight of the pinkish-reddish center. It was entirely an experience in itself.

The price ranges from affordable to expensive, providing flexibility to the budget of its customers. Greeka Kouzina is definitely worth a visit. Celebrate a special occasion or spend a Saturday night dinner here; you can never go wrong.

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*Logo taken from Greeka Kouzina's Facebook page.

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