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A cup of latte
There are restaurants that I consider special because of the fond memories that they evoke in me. The combination of a good ambiance, great food, and overall experience is a formula for time travel to a happy past. Such a place is Cafe Mary Grace. 

Khris, then my girlfriend, and I used to frequent this quiet a lot when we were just dating. We would go there on a Friday night to unwind or stay there while waiting for our friends. We were just a new couple then and we would just talk about our plans; about life, about our families and our own family that we want to raise.

We would usually order coffee, carbonara and our favorite cheesy ensaymada. Coffee is good and hot but they come in small cups. The carbonara, meanwhile, had the right balance of creaminess, saltiness and taste from bacon.

The ensaymada is a winner, a cut above most ensaymadas we have tasted. The bread has the right softness-chewiness and is topped with a generous heap of cheese.It has that delightfully contrasting flavors of milky-sweetness of the bread and milky-saltiness of the cheese.

For a bit of twist, why not try ordering the toasted ensaymada? It has a bit of slight crunch on the toasted side and the cheese has that pleasantly mild smoky-burnt flavor to it. For my Mary Grace ensaymada, I like it paired with a cup of their rich hot chocolate drink.

Toasted, cheesy ensaymada
A cup of hot chocolate

Come to think of it, the food they offer is simple. Nothing really fancy, but comforting nonetheless. You go to Mary Grace really for the experience, the relaxing and welcoming feeling.

My wife and I have not been there for almost six months already, I think, but I'm already making a mental note to go there one of these weekends.

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