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Surprisingly Good Food at Uncle Cheffy

 Roasted shrimp and pomelo salad

It was great discovering food at Uncle Cheffy, which was surprisingly good. I once thought that this is just one of those restaurants that are trying too hard to be Italian. It was not. In fact, it had distinct flavors and offerings that I have only tasted here for the first time.

For our Friday night dinner here, we ordered Roasted Shrimp and Pomelo Salad, Steak and Pasta, and Panizza.

The Roasted Shrimp and Pomelo Salad started off our meal perfectly. It had the right smokiness combined with the freshness of the fresh ingredients. The slightly sweet-sour chunks of pomelo were balanced with the mildly salty dressing.

 Steak and Pasta

The Steak and Pasta is another winner. It will surely satisfy the taste buds of any meat lover. Three thick chunks of circular steaks sit atop penne pasta with red sauce. The steak can be cooked based on one's specifications -- medium rare to well-done. We had ours well-done but I would have wanted it medium well. It was also tender and lightly seasoned although I wished it were more salty. Nonetheless, it was satisfying. The pasta was also good; flavors were well-balanced and spiked with a hint of herbs. It didn't have the sourness that is typical of similar offerings.


The Panizza is another outstanding revelation. It had thin but a slightly soft crust topped with generous loads of cheese and pieces of pork barbecue. I loved the strong creamy cheese flavor that is absorbed by the thin crust. The barbecue on top was also very tender and flavorful. This dish comes with fresh lettuce leaves with arugula, salsa and nutty alfalfa sprouts. Perfect sidings for a savory dish!

Our dinner for three costed around P700. Not bad! We went home relaxed and destressed after that filling meal.

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