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A Review of The Food Hall by Todd English

 Seared tuna with simple salad
It is on very rare occasions that we get to dine in a restaurant that is as classy as The Food Hall by Todd English.

The moment you step inside, you will be flooded with an endless stream of superlatives to describe this place. From the interior design, to the ambiance, the lighting, and chairs and tables -- everything is first rate. The entire space is dim, giving the place a cozier and warmer feel.

I later found out that the food hall concept is of British origin. A food hall is a large section in a department store with counters selling food. This restaurant is just that -- it featured different counters or bars where food is prepared. 

For example, when you order pasta, it will be assembled and cooked at the pasta station. There was also a small rotating ferris wheel with a cupcake in each "cabin" at the center of the dessert station. This, I think, is the centerpiece of the restaurant.

Of course, in any restaurant, food is always a different story. We have had numerous orders, namely caesar salad, pizza, squid rings, porkchops, clams, miso glaze salmon, steak with bone marrow and seared tuna. The servings were huge! Each dish can be shared among three people. Most notable dishes were the caesar salad which was supremely tasty and creamy.


 Caesar Salad

The pork chops were huge slabs of flavorful meat kept moist by a thin layer of fat. The clams were likewise very good, the broth of which was so flavorful and rich, you would want to dip your bread into it or smother it over a cup of steaming rice. 

Meanwhile, the steak was cooked just right -- medium well -- hence, was very tender, juicy, and delicious.

 Flavorful clams

Steak N' Marrow

The marrow, however, was too rich as it is. It could have been better when used in a pasta dish. 

On the other hand, the seared tuna was also of good quality. The thick cutlets of tuna meat was perfectly seared giving it that perfect shell of cooked meat with a fresh core.

Miso Glaze Salmon

Overall, the food here is unlike any other dish I have tasted before. It was expensive but that is justifiable. Good food, great service and great experience.

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