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iFREE Group and Cambodian Carrier Lanmei Airlines Unite to Provide Passengers with Unlimited Data Connectivity

Technology provider iFREE Group and Cambodian Airline Company Lanmei Airlines have entered into a partnership to offer passengers of the carrier a free MOGO S SIM card that is pre-loaded with one day’s worth of unlimited data.

After consuming the SIM card’s load, passengers have the option to reload their MOGO S SIM card using iFREE’s iAPP wherever they are in the globe. Lanmei Airlines is the pioneering Cambodian airline carrier to offer this type of service to passengers travelling on its upcoming daily scheduled flights between Phnom Penh and Bangkok.

The new partnership with allow Lanmei Airline passengers to enjoy the freedom of using a MOGO S SIM card. iFREE Group’s partnership with Lanmei Airlines will offer passengers flawless connectivity wherever they are and whenever they travel. Furthermore, using only one MOGO S SIM Card, passengers can stay in touch with their friends and family– irrespective of the country they are visiting.

iFREE Group is a worldwide Travelution company launching new ways for international travellers to stay connected in the world of e-commerce, mobile and data roaming communications in over 200 countries and territories. The company has also built an integrated global ecosystem platform that is capable of combining mobile communications, cloud-based applications, and secure payment gateways, and is a next-generation eSIM developer innovating international IoT seamless connectivity. 

With a commitment on worldwide connectivity, the MOGO S SIM card provides the perfect solution for businesses, consumers, and travellers globally to stay connected wherever they go, by offering services such as free calls, data roaming services, and a range of other travel-related products.

 “We have excellent connectivity in both Cambodia and Thailand, and as a global connectivity innovator we are very happy to team up with Lanmei Airlines to provide value-added solutions and convenience to their passengers. Our commitment to providing no limits, no boundaries connectivity to consumers and corporations is at the forefront of all that we do and we see a great future in our partnership with Lanmei Airlines and their passengers,” iFREE Group Managing Director Ricky Chia said

Meanwhile, Eric Li, Deputy General Manager, Commercial Department, Lanmei Airlines stated “Making our content available to a wide range of domestic and international consumers is central to our strategic vision. Our partnership with iFREE Group will not only help propel our brand globally, but also play a crucial role in the future success of our business,”

About iFREE Group

iFREE Group is a global Travelution company pioneering new ways for international travellers to stay connected in the world of e-commerce and mobile communications. It works with leading airlines, hotels, clubs as well as credit card, insurance and payment companies in offering its products and services. It also provides an OTT app for managing insurance, global payments, travel bookings, “roaming-free” telecommunications, social media, loyalty, coupons and travel merchandise. 

It allows travellers to search and discover among hundreds of millions of merchants and sightseeing places with real-time updates through Chip-INs by social community. Its smart digital travel assistant provides speech recognition and natural language understanding for translation, voice to text blog, as well as search, discovery and podcasts for points of interest to travellers. 

Travellers can also search for their desired products online or at any of iFREE’s iRetail locations at major international airports around the world. iFREE Group has developed patented 5G-enabled eSIM technology available to OEM manufacturers from automotive industry applications to consumer products and can provide multi-IMSI multi-supplier eSIM solutions. iFREE Group has operations in more than ten countries, a majority shareholding in a company listed on the ASX, and global retail shops at international terminals.

About Lanmei Airlines

Lanmei Airlines (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is a Cambodian native aviation company, founded in 2016. Its strategy is to build up consensus, to help development and to share benefits, serving the Cambodian “Quadrangle-Development” Strategy and China’s One Belt One Road Initiative, listing Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville as three bases. Inspired by the low-cost model, Lanmei Airlines is creating new model of public aviation, operating single-type aircraft with single configuration to promote passenger load factor and use ratio to keep costs low, while prioritising safety and offering affordable tickets for the public. Lanmei Airlines is committed to unique aviation service.

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