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5 tips on how to take proper care of baby clothes

It is really easy to take care of your baby’s clothes. However, since babies may require numerous changes in clothes throughout the day, the volume of their garments that need to be washed can be a daunting task if added with other house responsibilities.

How to care for baby clothes

Furthermore, since a baby’s skin is sensitive and easily irritated, it is imperative that their clothes are washed well with a mild detergent. One cannot just throw in baby clothes in the washing machine together with adult clothes and use regular harsh detergents.

How to care for baby clothes

To ease you the burden of having to think about how to manage the cleaning of baby clothes, here are five practical tips that might help make the job easier for you:

1. Wash all garments before the first use 

 Most people might overlook this important detail but do keep in mind that before having your baby use new clothes, make sure that these are washed thoroughly. You never know the residue that these garments may contain like allergens, germs, or excrement from pests (think of cockroaches and rat urine).

How to care for baby clothes

2. Use a mild detergent 

We cannot overemphasize the use of mild cleansers on baby’s clothes. There are many brands that are readily available in grocery stores and supermarkets. Strong detergents may be harsh to baby’s nappies, shirts, and shorts. Plus, these might leave residue on their clothes that may be harmful to their skin. Nevertheless, even if you are using mild detergent, make sure that this is washed off thoroughly with clean water.

On top of using mild cleanser, you might want to consider fabric softener so that their clothes feel soft to the skin.

How to care for baby clothes

3. Wash infant’s clothes separately 

Do not wash baby clothes together with adult clothes. Wash them separately as the germs in adult clothes may transfer to your little one’s clothes. That also goes with keeping used clothing in hamper – keep adult clothes and baby clothes separately.

4. Make sure your child’s clothes are thoroughly dry 

Try to dry your baby's clothes in sun. This way of drying clothes will ensure that germs and bacteria in clothes are killed completely.

How to care for baby clothes

5. Use warm water to wash clothes 

Warm water will help dislodge or loosen dirt and kill germs and bacteria from clothes. When you baby’s clothes are stained, treat the stain with a mild detergent prior to washing for easy cleansing.

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  1. Wonderful tips! These are all very practical and easy-to-follow. I'll apply these immediately at home. Thank you so much for compiling these.

    1. Thank you very much! Really appreciate your kind words.

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