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Comparative diaper brand review
A comparative review of three popular diaper brands

Diapers have been an indispensible part of our home arsenal since our baby was born. When we were looking for a good diaper brand, we considered three important factors:

·         Price
·         Comfort and type of material
·         Value for money: Ability to absorb and hold urine for an extended period of time

There are many good diaper brands in the market today. However, with the three aspects above in consideration, we have kept loyal to three diaper brands over the last several months. These are EQ Dry, Huggies, and Pampers.

Here’s a review of each brand based on our experience:

Huggies diaper brand review
Huggies Dry (Small, 38 pieces) 
The diaper brand that we were initially loyal to as this was what was provided to us at the hospital.

A.      Price: 

At Php 276 for a bag of Huggies Dry (Small, 38 pcs.), this is by far the most affordable brand that we have tried.

B.      Comfort

The material is made of a soft and cottony fabric. It feels downy and somehow gave us the impression of breathability which was important to keep our baby’s waist area cool. Honestly, this was the only brand that we used on Miguel when he was just a few days old until he was about two months. This diaper fits well and, yes, it seemed comfortable to wear. 

C.      Value for money

When our baby was just a few weeks old, we were changing his diaper twice each, on the average. Now that Miguel is three months old, we would use Huggies when we travel to Nueva Ecija because that means that we would not have to change his nappy frequently. Huggies lasts long even after several wee-wees so it definitely provided good value for our money. 

Pampers diaper brand review

Pampers Dry (Newborn, 40 pieces)
The classic diaper brand that most people know.

A.      Price

We have not yet tried buying a big bag of Pampers dry. We bought a 4-piece pack during one of our trips to Nueva Ecija and we were told by the pharmacy that it was Php 9 per piece. When I checked the official store of Pampers at Lazada, a bag of 40-pc. Pampers newborn diapers costs Php 282.75.

B.      Comfort

Pampers diapers are also made of soft breathable materials. In fact, they take pride in being suitable even for new borns. The fit is good —snug and comfortable. It does not look like it was hot and rough on skin.

C.      Value for money

We tried Pampers on Miguel when he turned 3 months because we thought it was a heavy duty diaper. Unfortunately, we had to replace Miguel’s diaper three times. We felt like the diaper became easily soaked with pee. Furthermore, it had a hard time holding poo because there was one instance that poo leaked from the rear side of the diaper.

EQ diaper brand review

EQ Dry (Small, 40 pieces)
Advertised as the economical diaper brand that gives a good value for money.

A.      Price

At Php298.75 for a 40-piece bag, EQ Dry is actually the most expensive diaper brand that we have tried so far.

B.      Comfort

EQ Dry is made of a breathable cottony cover.  It is actually soft, and EQ claims that the breathable cover gives baby ultimate comfort by ensuring regular air flow to reduce heat buildup. It also has stretchable and soft waist band for comfortable fit and easier movement.

C.      Value for money

Based on experience, we would usually use one to two diaper pads on Miguel depending on the volume of his pee. We felt that EQ Dry’s performance was just average, however, Miguel’s nanny would tell us that EQ Dry is the best diaper that she has used so far because it stays dry longer so we always keep a stock of this in our home.

How about you, do you have a particular favorite brand when it comes to diapers?

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