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Jollibee releases trilogy of heart-warming Mother’s Day videos to celebrate mothers’ great love

Jollibee, while known for its fun and family-oriented brand, is once again the talk of social media town when it released a new set of heart-touching videos. This time, Jollibee pays tribute to all mothers with a special Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day trilogy that again left Filipinos anywhere in the world with watery eyes.

Coming from the viral success of last year’s “Parangal,” Jollibee aims to outdo the “feels” it generated and once more set the entire cyberspace abuzz with three short films that celebrate a #MothersGreatLove.

First in the Mother’s Day trilogy is “Amor”, directed by Dan Villegas, which tells the story of a mother who goes to great lengths to provide for her family’s needs. You may watch the full episode here.

The second episode, “Tess” is by filmmaker Pepe Diokno who continues to showcase his brilliance in bringing out the beauty of love between a mother and her child, having directed the memorable “Parangal” and “Date” Valentine’s Day videos. Diokno’s masterpiece this year, “Tess” celebrates a different kind of motherly love between a child and her nanny. See it for yourself here.

The third installment, “Helen” is directed by Ianco Dela Cruz, the same director who captured the hearts of social media users with his Valentine’s Day “Vow” and “Status” viral videos. Watch the video here.

Francis Flores, Jollibee Brand Chief Marketing Officer and PH Marketing head said, “The greatest love anyone can ever feel can only come from a mother’s heart. The true stories featured in Kwentong Jollibee’s first-ever Mother’s Day trilogy is testament to this as we celebrate and honor an endless love that has nurtured us from the time we were born.”

More than becoming viral hits, Jollibee hopes that the three stories will encapsulate the sentiments of millions of Filipinos from every corner of the world and become a fitting tribute to all the moms and nanays.

“We sincerely hope that through this special Mother’s Day Trilogy, people will appreciate even more their moms and will go out of their way to express their love and gratitude to them,” concluded Flores.

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