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Mothercare nappy cream

We bought Mothercare Nappy Cream when we ran out of Human Nature Nappy Cream while on vacation. Using diaper cream has been an essential part of Miguel’s nappy routine so we thought it was a matter that needed our urgent action. It was a good thing that we saw a Mothercare outlet at Harbor Point Mall in Subic.

Here’s to share with you our experience in using Mothercare Nappy Cream

Key Ingredient

The Mothercare Nappy Cream listed Castor Oil as its key ingredients. Castor Oil is known to create a barrier which protects baby’s skin against irritation due to wetness.

Mothercare Nappy Cream ingredients

The product claims that it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested so it is safe and gentle to baby’s skin.


It came in a white plastic jar with a pink plastic wraparound label. There was really nothing spectacular with how it packaged. In fact, it looked a little like it was a jar of medicine.    

Mothercare Nappy Cream consistency

What we like about the product


We got the 150 ml. jar for around Php249 and we were happy with it because the price was pocket-friendly. We thought the Mothercare Nappy Cream is one of the more affordable creams as compared to similar products. It is not that we were scrimping but we try to look for options that are as effective but not as expensive as the products that we love.


The Mothercare Nappy Cream has a faintly sweet scent. Although we prefer our baby products to be scent-free as much as possible, the mild fragrance of Mothercare Nappy Cream was pleasant and mellow.

What we think should be improved about the product

We noticed that the product is a little watery, hence a bit runny in consistency. Actually, when you look at it closely, it looked like heavy cream. Since it had high water content, it was hard to apply over our baby’s skin.  We also wanted it to be more firm and viscous because it had a tendency to smear and spill, which meant that there is high probability of wastage. 

Mothercare Nappy Cream texture

Mothercare Nappy Cream viscosity

In terms of effectiveness though, Mothercare Nappy Cream does its job well in preventing diaper rash in our Miguel.

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