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Having a sister is no doubt superb. It is like having an added cushion for extra comfort or a partner who stands by your side through everything, whether thick or thin.

For travel and fashion bloggers Vern and Verniece Enciso, who also happen to be sisters, it is all about trying out new adventures, being playful with concepts in every place they visit, and indulging in the musts in pursuit of their desire to travel.

“I scan the best place to take pictures and videos. We also plan our outfits with that place in mind,” Verniece said when asked on tips for new travelers. 

Before being two of the most influential travel bloggers today, Vern and Verniece were not as close as they are now. Both blogging and traveling made their relationship as sisters profounder and more meaningful.

“Verniece and I are always on the lookout for good street food because I think that’s how you could know a place. We’re lucky because we always split the bill,” said Vern.

Vern and Verniece keep a working budget whenever they travel. 

When planning a trip, Vern usually takes time to search for the nicest hotel and cheapest flights while Verniece plans for the itinerary. Both are also on the quest for boutique hotels that are way cost-efficient but offer the same quality of service you can find in high-end hotels. 

“That’s my hack―when you go to a site like, you could search and look for the newest boutique hotels that usually have promos,” explained Vern. 

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