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Easily book tours and hotels, and enjoy discounts with the App

Summer has officially concluded and the month of June is about to end. There is also no denying that the rainy season is upon us. 

Boracay may have been closed until October this year, but that only convinced us to check out the shores of La Union, take road trips to Laguna and Batangas, or settle for staycations in Makati and Quezon City. The previous months have certainly been fun, but as the rainy season comes full throttle, the only question is, “How do you plan to spend the coming weekends?” 

Half of the year has already passed but that does not mean we have to give up on our adventures. To make planning for that last-minute vacation easy and convenient, check out what the mobile app has in store for you. 

The mobile app is used primarily for booking hotels in the Philippines, but recently, it has become bigger and better with the addition of activities like theme park access, beauty and fitness, sports and recreation, restaurants and dining, to tours and sightseeing, at cheaper prices. 

And it does not end there. To fully encourage people to try the best in leisure in the country, reward points are now available for tour bookings as well. With, guests will earn back 5% of the total amount they spend in the form of reward points. These points, once accumulated, are as good as cash and can be used for all of your future bookings, be it hotel or tours. Best of all, the prices of activities and tours in the mobile app are cheaper compared to their regular rates. 

So for that well-deserved weekend trip and for your future vacations, be worry-free, practical, and smart by using the mobile app. Download it now on Android or iOS! 

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