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When Karen Reyes auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother six years ago, no one thought she would be sharing the spotlight with other well-known local celebrities. A proven risk-taker at such a young age, she admitted that her mom has no knowledge she would be joining the reality show.

Her attitude, having no fear to try out new things, made her reach the title Second Big Placer of Pinoy Big Brother and from there, the bright future ahead her continuously placed her to where she is today.

Growing up from Oriental Mindoro, it is evident how low-key and approachable Karen is by the way she carries herself. Karen is full of happy thoughts; you hear nothing but all out fun from her. She’s a bursting bubble every time she answers questions. May it be about work, love, or life in general, an exchange of conversation with her is like a best friend chit-chat. She is very open, honest, and playful.

When going places, she opts to do it just by herself but would love it even more when she gets to spend time traveling with her boyfriend. An adventurer at heart, she enjoys going to the beach and try all the water activities possible. An aficionado of unplanned road trips, it only justifies where her spontaneity is coming from.

Karen normally goes to different local places at least once a month. Just to mention her recent travels, she went to Mt. Pinatubo with the team and was able to enjoy the bumpy 4 X 4 ride and strenuous hike. Amidst all the dirt, humid, and 2-hour long trek, Karen remained cheerful and lively. “Mas adventurer ako, kesa traveler,” she said.

 As for Karen’s dream travel destinations, she looks forward to visiting Batanes, Albay, and Palawan. Unlike other travelers who would excessively pack during trips, her essentials only include clothes, a wallet, her mobile phone, a lip tint, and speakers. “Hindi ako madala ng gamit. Since most of my trips are unplanned, hindi ako aligaga palagi na kailangan ng ganito or ng ganyan. Kung ano lang talaga ‘yung pinakakailangan” she explained.

One thing to love about Karen is her willingness to take risks. She may be afraid at some point, but her go-getter personality sets her apart from the rest. She’s not afraid to venture new possibilities, to explore what the world has to offer, to seek the unknown, to wander around and get lost. Karen lives with no regrets as she fully knows what she wants and always goes for it.

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